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      • 聯系人 : 包經理
      • 聯系電話 : 13564973354
      • 傳真 : 021-66879013
      • 移動電話 : 185-0168-7915
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      • Email : byx@ratests.com.cn
      • 郵編 : 201908
      • 公司網址 : http://www.soft7star.com
      • MSN : 微信:18501687915
      • QQ : 349371902
      • 產品名稱:Model SIG-400影像式光源測角儀

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      • 產品廠商:臺灣Chroma
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      Near-field luminous intensity and color distribution measurement optimized for LEDs Applications Measurement of near-field luminous intensity distribution for LEDs and small light sources Measurement of near-field chromaticity for LEDs and small light sources Creation of accurate and efficient ray sets for optical design


      • Collects both image and ray set data
      • Generates industry standard Radiant Source Models
      • Export ray sets to all major optical design programs using ProSource®
      • Cost optimized for LED

      With the rapid growth in LED device and light source applications, accurate models of LED performance are needed for device and light source development, evaluation and optical design. This allows comparison of device design options, selection and qualification, and the design of luminaries, and improves quality while lowering cost.

      The SIG-400? is a Source Imaging Goniometer® that captures and aggregates luminance and color measurements from thousands of angles around an LED or similar small light source, providing a precise description of the actual performance of the light source. This data is combined into a Radiant Source Model (RSM) and can be used to analyze the performance of the source and generate ray sets for optical design.

      The SIG-400? is optimized for the measurement of LEDs, while reducing system size and cost, and simplifying the measurement process. Additionally, multiple options are available for pixel resolution, and micro, standard, and macro field-of-views.

      The SIG-400? provides industry leading measurement accuracy through a combination of robust mechanical design, precision optical design, and software control. The SIG- 400 precisely tracks the center of the device under test to within 15 microns during the entire measurement scan, minimizing measurement error when measuring bare LED die.

      The RSM is an industry standard for describing near-field performance of light sources. It is data rich - providing both luminance and (optionally) color data as a function of angle and retaining all the measurement images - allowing more accurate, compact ray sets to be generated in ProSource® using importance sampling, reducing the time required to generate optical designs.

      The SIG-400 is one of a full line of Source Imaging Goniometers, ranging from the SIG-300?, for general light source measurement, to the SIG-310?, for measuring large light sources.

      • Optimized for LED die and device measurement
      • Multiple optical configurations for field of view and resolution
      • Provides near-field models for luminance and color
      • Generates Radiant Source models with integrated image data for complete light source analysis


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